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Natalie GulbisPoints of Interest is the daily link dump for your morning or afternoon commute in and out of Souvenir City.  We’ll be throwing together some other stops from out there in blogdome and the interwebs to peak your interest.  Some of them will actually be what some might consider educational.  Most of them, are going to everything but that.

We’re playing golf again today.  Enjoying the summer as much as possible.  Again, playing with commenter/contributor NickJ up in the land of cheese.  But worry not.  That’s why younglefty is on board now.  He’s got an NL East post coming up for you today and if you’re lucky, he’ll bring more.  We’ve prepared the usual and included a Phil Mickelson post, an SEC preview from a special guest contributor and a LeBron post.  We love the LeBron post.  People from Cleveland probably won’t.  In honor of our golf round, we give you Natalie Gulbis.  After the jump, Tommy Boy.

There’s a lender out there that is allowing you to pledge your soul as collateral. We did this to a kid in middle school.  Still have the piece of paper with Mike Lange’s soul on it……..Michael Jackson is getting buried without his brain? What the hell, man?  This story is like America’s version of Princess Diana……..Just in case you missed yesterday, McNair’s girlfriend purchased a gun two days prior to Saturday. And, he injury was fired at point blank range to her head.  So was one of McNair’s……..Ever wonder what the gap between the top 1% and the rest of the country is? Wonder no longer!……..Robert McNamara, architect of the Vietnam War, died yesterday. Many acheievements on that resume despite the debacle of Vietnam


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