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DirkWe knew about this story a few weeks ago however what we didn’t know was how Dirk initially met his ex-fiance.  Really, Dirk?  She dialed you by mistake and you just kept talking to her?  That has got to be the most bass-ackwards way any couple has ever met.  Well, maybe not.  But, it’s still strange.  More to the point, we hope that Dirk does eventually get custody of the child.  From what we read, Crista Ann Taylor sounds like a complete nut job.  Definitely not someone fit to be a mother.

Her police record is longer than Ray Lewis, Plaxico Burress and Steven Jackson’s combined.  Good luck to Dirk.  Perhaps the little guy will actually be the next Dirk Nowitzki unlike Darko and all the other European players that have come to the NBA and flopped.

Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas Talks About Ex-Fiance (ESPN)


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