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Can we please be done with it now?

Coverage can be found here, here and here.  This is all you’re getting from us.


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Phil MickelsonFirst, his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Then, yesterday, we learn that his mother also has it too?  What does this guy have to do to catch a break?  Just a sad, sad month for Phil Mickelson.  You gotta feel for this guy.  We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the remainder of the year off.

They say that the game can be a great escape for these guys.  But, could Phil really perform on the course with all of this hanging over his head?  And, if he can’t perform, would playing even be enjoyable for him?


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Steve McNairWe were sitting in the garage at a BBQ on Saturday when we got a text message regarding the whole Steve McNair saga.  Our immediate response was a blurted, “Holy shit!”.  Yeah, unfortunately our 5-year old cousin was standing about 5 feet from us so that wasn’t the smartest reaction.  But, it was definitely a sincere reaction.  We didn’t know he was only 36.

The whole situation just reeks of shadyness.  The girl, Sahel Kazemi, that he was found with was 20 years old and a former Dave and Busters waitress.  McNair is married.  So, unless his wife is cool with Steve hanging around with some girl half his age, then there is more to this story than just two people being found shot to death on the 4th of July.


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espn devil copyUsually we watch ESPN from 5 EST all the way through to the end of the 6 EST SportsCenter while listening to The Afternoon Saloon or LeBatard.  Just finished watching PTI and the 6 EST SportsCenter has come on.  What’s the leading story you ask?


You heartless bastards.  Yes, let’s treat this game in the CONFEDERATION’S CUP as a greater story than a man being killed in cold blood today.  Not even a man, but a football coach that you did a story on last year.  This is a sports story, not just any other man being killed.  This soccer game is not the Miracle on Ice.  It’s not the World Cup.  It’s not even the damn Gold Cup.

Jay Harris says the following after Jay Crawford finishes with the soccer highlights:

And now, back to our top story.



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ed thomasWe are very saddened and disappointed to hear about this loss for the town of Parkersburg.  We’re Hawkeye alums and remember hearing about Coach Thomas a few times during our time in Iowa.  We didn’t know more about him until ESPN ran the story last year about the school and it’s recovery from the tornado that ravaged the town.  Sadly, we wish that we had.

The shooter was Mark Becker.  He’s a 24-year-old former player for Coach Thomas.  We heard during the press conference that Becker was involved in a high speed chase earlier this week in Cedar Falls but the police chose not to expand on that.  This is all the information that is available about Becker currently and it was given by Kevin Winker, the assistant director of criminal investigations in Iowa.

After reading about Ed Thomas’ past, it’s clear that this is a great loss for the school, the players, the town and the entire state of Iowa.  He was a coach for about 30 years and sent 4 players to the NFL, including Aaron Kampman of the Green Bay Packers.  In 2005, he won the NFL’s high school coach of the year award and attended the Super Bowl in Detroit.  A quote from the superintendant of the school system in Parkersburg sums up Ed Thomas well:

He was a good football coach, but he was an even better role model.

Guys like this are hard to come by.  The school plans on holding a vigil tonight outside at the football stadium to honor their fallen Coach.  If any more information becomes available, we’ll update this post and put as many links as possible in this afternoon’s Points of Interest.

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Sad, but true.  Both drivers in this accident apparently were driving while they were drunk.  This story was sad when we first read it and it’s still a shame to waste such a talent at such a young age.  We’re coming to that age when all of the new and rising stars are younger than us.

It’s so strange to read stories like this now.

Autopsy Report:  Adenhart Driver DUI (OCWeekly.com)

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