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joanna krupaPoints of Interest is the daily link dump for your morning or afternoon commute in and out of Souvenir City.  We’ll be throwing together some other stops from out there in blogdome and the interwebs to peak your interest.  Some of them will actually be what some might consider educational.  Most of them, are going to everything but that.

Hope your weekend was outstanding and you got to spend some time with the old man or that your kids bought you something other than socks.  We had an outstanding Crawfish boil and our head still hurts from the ensuing bar trip.  We also rediscovered how fun it is to bet on the ponies at the racetrack.  The U.S. Open finishes today and Tiger is no where to be found.  NBC can’t be happy about that.  Still, Phil has a small chance to pull off a miracle as he’s 6 back of the leader.  There’s a chance a movie review is coming today but we’ll for sure comment on the Kobe Bryant piece we read in SI in between packing up all our stuff for the move.  This piece over here is Joanna Krupa.  Your funny video of the day after the jump.

Obama’s approval rating is starting to tank. We think it has nothing to do with Iran but rather all of the money he’s been spending lately.  Amazing what changes in six months time……..Speaking of Iran, there’s now a Newsweek journalist that’s been detained……..The good news in the reporter detainee department is that this guy escaped the Taliban after being held captive for about 7 months……..We swear we’re not in the business of bashing the President but we can’t find anything that says positive things about him.  The newest gripe is his failure to follow through with the transparency he promised……..We don’t need to borrow any money yet but it looks like it will be at a higher interest rate when we do……..Our weird link for today:  Google Street view catches a mugging.



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