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old nfl logoafl logoSo, we’re trying to develop our own little shtick over here as you can see, and we think this one will be pretty unique.  This won’t always be sports related but we figured we’d go with something traditional in our first installment.

So, here goes:

This Week in History is a weekly feature at Souvenir City.  Every Tuesday we publish three events for the current week that we thought were interesting nuggets of history.  If you’ve got something you’d like featured or think that we should feature, send it to SouvenirCityBlog@gmail.com. Today we look at the NFL/AFL Merger, Ben Hogan’s second U.S. Open win, and Secretariat winning the Triple Crown.

  • On June 8th, 1966, the AFL and NFL merger took place.  This merger would be responsible for the Super Bowl, Free Agency and the way we look at professional football today.  The game would be shaped by many of the men who still work in the game today.  Dan Rooney, Lamar Hunt, and Wellington Mara would all be major forces in shaping America football.  The leagues were not fully merged with scheduling and internal workings until 1970, but this was the first major stepping stone into making football a major American sport.



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