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Writers WingOur final look today comes from the writers and broadcasters wing at the Hall of Fame.  There are two people receiving honors from the Hall this July.  Tony Kubek and Nick Peters.

The players that go into the Hall of Fame are always the premiere attraction in Cooperstown every year.  However, they aren’t the only portion of the Hall of Fame.  There’s also the writers and broadcasters wing which honors the storytellers that have brought us the game in ways that no one else has.  We really enjoyed Peter Gammons speech a few years ago.  Most of the guys that are in there are voices and pens that reverberate through generations.



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jim riceContinuing our series from yesterday and looking at the Hall of Fame class this year, we look at Jim Rice today.  As a closet Yankee homer, this one is tough for us.  But we’ll take solace in the fact that Rice never won a title.

Jim Rice.  It’s about freaking time.  This guy had to wait until his final year of eligibility in order to get into the Hall.  As Cubs fans, this must’ve been like us waiting for Ronnie Santo for Red Sox fans.  Rice’s numbers are ridiculous.  Who cares if the man was a designated hitter for the majority of his career?

Now, Rice doesn’t have the persona of Rickey Henderson nor was he even as close to as good of a player.  But, if we owned an American League team in the 1970s, we’d want Jim Rice to be our DH.  No question about it.


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Rickey HendersonOver the next three days we’re going to take a look at the Hall of Fame class for the MLB 2009 class.  This includes the players, writers and broadcasters that will be receiving awards.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at the self-proclaimed “greatest of all time,” Rickey Henderson.

This was Rickey’s first year on the ballot and there was no doubt that the greatest lead-off hitter of all time was going to get into the Hall.  Here’s a look at the records that Rickey holds going in:

Career Records:

  • Stolen Bases – 1,406
  • Caught Stealing – 335
  • Runs Scored 2,295
  • Games led off with a HR 81

Single Season Records:

  • Stolen Bases 130 in 1982
  • Caught Stealing – 42 in 1982
  • Stolen bases in a single postseason series – 8

[Tables and Stats courtesy of Wiki]

Amazing.  He also had the walks record until Barry Bonds broke it in 2003.  Henderson was also quite the eccentric clubhouse personality in his MLB tenure.


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