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Colts bailing on BaltimoreSo, we’re packing up the remnants of our apartment to move out and we’ve realized for the fifth time in our life that this is one of those things that everyone has to do at least once in their life and it sucks.  You don’t actually fully experience the suck-titude of moving we think until you move yourself the first time in college.

We only moved 3-4 times as a kid and it was all before age 5.  Those moves were easy.  Our parents did them.  So was the one where you got dropped off at college.  But that first move, out of the dorms….what a pain in the royal ass that is.

We’ve moved several times since then and it sucks equally as bad every time.  You learn a few tricks here or there (like how to not get crushed by your own furniture) but it’s still a task.  We have a 700 lbs dresser that when we moved it in, nearly killed us.  We literally had to turn the shower on and sit in a cold water spray for 10 minutes to avoid blacking out.

It got us to thinking about the worst team relocations in sports.



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