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Grady and ChestnutWe watched.  It’s still pretty sick, but the mustard belt is staying state-side this year.  The HD camera for the “chew-cam” is pretty amazing.  Where will competitive eating advance to next?  Here’s a few of our ideas:

  • Digestion Cam
  • “Aftermath” Cam
  • X-Mo Upchuck Cam
  • Heat-Activated Hot-Dog Wrapper (to let you know your dog is done)

We have a friend (pictured to the right) that partied with Chestnut in California and he said he was an absolute monster at a bar.  People challenge him to pitcher chugging contests all the time.  Usually gets it down in under 4 seconds.  These guys are a couple sandwiches short of a picnic to compete in this… or, maybe a few sandwiches too much?  You know what we mean.



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