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tiffani-amber-thiessenPoints of Interest is the daily link dump for your morning or afternoon commute in and out of Souvenir City.  We’ll be throwing together some other stops from out there in blogdome and the interwebs to peak your interest.  Some of them will actually be what some might consider educational.  Most of them, are going to everything but that.

We’re still trying to figure out who is going to run the ship here on Wednesday while we’re at the Cross-Town Classic.  Today is a full day though and we’ve got a lot of things planned.  We’re going to take our first stab at power rankings, MLB Style.  Also, even though the NHL is over, we’ve got some points to make on Phoenix and the ratings spike.  If there’s anything you want to see, let us know at SouvenirCityBlog@gmail.com. Kelly Kapowski will always hold a place in our hearts.

The top 50 highest paid CEOs in the financial businesses……..Really people?  We’re bitching about a billboard now?  Don’t you…….This is completely out of control.  We can’t go on Facebook or any social networking tool without having Iran shoved in our faces. At some point, there’s gotta be resolution……Letterman apologized to Palin.  Ugh.  Now she gets to say she “won” that one.  First time for everything…….The words “Reagan in Berlin” and “Obama and Healthcare” are somehow related here.  We still can’t figure out how……. have better things to do?



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