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Jessica MichibataPoints of Interest is the daily link dump for your morning or afternoon commute in and out of Souvenir City.  We’ll be throwing together some other stops from out there in blogdome and the interwebs to peak your interest.  Some of them will actually be what some might consider educational.  Most of them, are going to everything but that.

Slow day with the exception of the McNair news breaking that it’s not being ruled a murder-suicide.  So glad that’s over.  Condolences to the McNair family, *mumbles under breath* to the other one.  Can we please move on from that story now?  Hope you enjoyed the SEC preview as we’ll be doing the Big 12 tomorrow; again splitting into the two divisions.  Pac-10 will be done by us next week.  Big East doesn’t deserve it.  Jessica Michibata is a F1 WAG of Jenson Button.

These is absolutely ridiculous, Philadelphia.  There has to be some sort of consequences for the owners or proprietors of the pool……..They won’t let hookers get bank accounts in Amsterdam.  That’s absurd!  They can’t put the money in the mattress! It might get messy!……..We tweeted about this earlier but, Google could put the nail in the Microsoft coffin as they’re coming out with an Operating System……..Four pieces of good news for Republicans……..

After the jump, Magic Johnson and Kobe just not being too bright.


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