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Ok, so we didn’t do that many posts for you today.  We won’t lie.  We went drinking last night and we’re playing golf today.  However, we had an early tee time and we’ll be back today and PROMISE to get a POI for your afternoon departures.  Unlike yesterday where we totally biffed on it.  Here’s where we are at today:

Trevino GNTake a look.  The three courses are great.  We played Palmer’s a few weeks ago and failed to break 100.  Player was a tough course too.  We shot a 99 there.  Today’s goal is to shoot better than our 88 yesterday.  We doubt it happens.  Souvenir City will be back in full operation on Wednesday and we’ll resume our standard smarmy commenting over at The Big Lead and try to get as many “That’s a bannin'” comments as possible.

Enjoy folks.


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Beaver StadiumWe got some feedback from the commenters over at TBL and we’ve come up with what we think are the top 10 toughest places to play in college football.  We were big fans of NCAA Football’s video games series and they always gave you the “toughest places to play”.  Now, we’re not basing our rankings off that.  Give us a little more credit than that.  However, the rankings will coincide with the following criteria:

  • Fanbase
  • Capacity
  • Gimmicks (i.e. White Out, Black Out etc.)
  • Record at Home

So, with that all having been said, here’s what we came up with.  Tear us up in the comments.

10.)  Nebraska Cornhuskers – Memorial Stadium: Say what you will about the program in the last 10 season.  Nebraska is still one of the toughest places to play in college football.  C’mon people… What else do they have in Nebraska?  One of our former clients at our last job was a Cornhusker fan.  She had been to every single home game for the last 36 years.  These fans are crazy.  They do two things every week in the fall.  Go to church and go to Husker games.


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Tim LincecumGiants 10 – Cardinals 0: Lincecum has returned to form.  Did you have any doubts?  We did.  He’s built like Roy Oswalt and we’ve seen him fall apart in the last few years.  Still, the kid is performing as he should right now.  Perhaps they’re placing $1,000 on the ground for him to reach for after every pitch.  He struck out 8 in a complete game, 2-hit shutout.  Six Giants contributed by driving in at least one run.  The Giants are dangerous in the NL West.  Beware Dodgers.  You’re one injury away from falling from grace.

Astros 3 – Padres 1: Speaking of the Roy Oswalt, he felt it would be necessary to nearly match Lincecum on this night.  He struck out 8 as well but allowed a run unlike TIMMY!  Pudge and El Caballo chipped in with an RBI each.  The Padres have got to start selling parts soon.  Peavy and Young are hurt.  They’re not competing this year.  What position do they need help at the most?  We say corner outfielders.

Cubs 3 – Pirates 1: We won?  What?  Rich Harden pitched a gem?  PEDs?  Oh…we played the Pirates.  Ok.  Not a big surprise, then.  Milton Bradley contributed in a positive way!  Our favorite Cubs this year consist of Andres Blanco, Ted Lilly and Angel Guzman.  Not much to cheer about there.  SELL!


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NickJ Indy picNickJ is our resident IndyCar expert.  He chimes in from time to time on all things open wheel.  He LOVES Danica and we’ll continue to give him shit for supporting the most over-hyped, under-talented racer in the last 100 years.  You should too.

Indy Car has not benefited from the scheduling of three short oval tracks in the past four races. The Milwaukee, Iowa and Richmond races, all of which were races at tracks under one mile, offered a glimpse into the problems facing the Indy Car Series. The shortness of the tracks showed us how difficult the Indy Car series has made it for its drivers to compete in lap traffic. Indy Cars perform best while driving in clean air.  It is relatively easy for a superior driver with a superior car to catch a slower driver and it becomes more difficult as they begin to drive in the turbulence created by the car in front of them. You can imagine the benefit this gives the lead car.

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giorgia palmasPoints of Interest is the daily link dump for your morning or afternoon commute in and out of Souvenir City.  We’ll be throwing together some other stops from out there in blogdome and the interwebs to peak your interest.  Some of them will actually be what some might consider educational.  Most of them, are going to everything but that.

We shot an 88 yesterday on a pretty tough track.  Had a couple pretty amazing shots, including our first eagle of our golf career.  We’re playing again today!  We’ll post the link of the spot we’re playing later so you can check it out.  A ton of stuff going on in sports yesterday and we promise you a college football post today!  NickJ is also cooking up some Indy car racing posts too.  He’s our resident expert.  Readers, keep your tips coming.  You guys are awesome.  We’ve had so many good tips in the past few days we don’t even know how to post them all.  This blog has been like therapy for us and you’re all a part of it.  Still at the same spot:  SouvenirCityBlog@gmail.com.  Giorgia Palmas is definitely worth a Google image search.

We’ve taken a stand in Honduras.  We’re siding with the guy that got thrown out. You know, we agree.  However, how many wars can we get involved with?…….A Supreme Court decision has nullified a ruling that Sonia Sotomayor made as a district judge.  Does this matter? It’s not going to affect her affirmation status……..Interesting.  A politcal winner or losers argument regarding Iran’s revolution. Don’t they only do this for drafts in sports?……..How quickly the tables turn.  We have always been supporters of the Governator.  However, public opinion is making a case to remove him from office……..Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop.  Can’t make up their minds on this climate bill can they?……..If you’re going to steal something, don’t try and sell it to the person you stole it from……..This one came from a reader.  A solid piece on healthcare reform.  (H/T to younglefty).

We have to show you this streaker.  Even if he’s a Red Sox fan.  Go Yankees! Red Sox suck!  (Walkoff Walk)

Mack Brown thinks that the Big XII is better than the SEC. Nope…Sorry Mack.  We’re Big Ten guys and we have to disagree.  (Sparty and Friends)

Erin Pageviews is hosting a show.  Why?  Is the Sideline Princess going to become the Behind-A-Desk Princess?  (The Rookies Blog)

So…where is Citi Field Located?  This screengrab by the Hernia makes us wonder along with him.  (The Sports Hernia)

The PBA explores outdoor bowling. They need all the help they can get at this point.  (Joe Sports Fan)

The builder of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility was aware that it was unsafe when it was built.  Sweet.  (SPORTSbyBROOKS)

We’re going to agree with these guys and bash our own kind.  Cubs fans…please, think before acting next time.  (Josh Q. Public)

Dany Heatley has asked for a trade.  Here’s a look at some of the trade offers and the collegiate affiliations of the players involved.  (The College Hockey Blog)

We golfed with NickJ yesterday.  He hadn’t seen the classic video we put up after the jump.  Please, football season.  Come quickly!


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This is our last automated post of the day.  If we missed any breaking news, we apologize.  Just take solace in the fact that we’re on this course and hopefully have lost less balls than we have pars.  Notice we didn’t say birdies.  Looking to keep it realistic at this point.

Points of Interest is going to be late this afternoon, but we’ll put it up.  If you’ve got suggestions on who you’d like to see as the POI girl, send them over to SouvenirCityBlog@gmail.com.

Grand Geneva - The Brute

Here’s the plug for the course. Blogging does have it’s perks.  We did get a gratis round for letting all of you know that we’re playing there today.  And we can attest, it’s a great course.  Now, if they can work on putting GPS on my ball and the cart, then we would play there everyday.


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empty citi fieldNormally we don’t read the New York Times for sports stories but this one really caught our eye.  We have an arena in our city that has it’s naming rights sold to a bankrupt airline.  There hasn’t been a new stadium built here (unless you count the renovations to Soldier Field) since 1994.  So why is New York trying to build a new arena for every single franchise?

And why are other cities following suit?


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