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Minka Kelly On The Set Of 'The Roommate'Points of Interest is the daily link dump for your morning or afternoon commute in and out of Souvenir City.  We’ll be throwing together some other stops from out there in blogdome and the interwebs to peak your interest.  Some of them will actually be what some might consider educational.  Most of them, are going to everything but that.

Minka Kelly – Derek Jeter’s current lady friend.  It’s gonna be a long week people.  At least we have Wimbledon to look forward to even though some of you may not be tennis fans.  The College World Series game last night was very exciting and we’ll be doing a post on it later today.  The Pujols Triple-Crown rumors are already starting and it makes us want to vomit.  If the Cardinals never won a game for the rest of history, we wouldn’t care if the Cubs never won the World Series.  During this slow stint of the sports calendar we rely on our readers’ tips more than ever.  If you have anything you want to see that is sports, entertainment or whatever related, let us know at SouvenirCityBlog@gmail.com.

Despite all the venom we spew at D.C. for their lack of sports fandom, we do know a few people in the city.  The D.C. Metro is one of the best public trans systems in the country and this accident is very frightening……..This certainly doesn’t help our cause.  There’s one missing ingredient in this whole “recovery” thing we’ve been hearing so much about:  jobs……..This healthcare battle is going to get bloody.  And by no means is that supposed to be taken as a pun.  It’s gonna get ugly……..Good news!  Finally!  This inflation talk is way over-rated people.  We had a feeling the numbers we were hearing were way off.

Sorry folks, just not that much out there in out nightly reading.  And no, we did not watch Jon and Kate Plus 8.  So, for your enjoyment, more photobombing after the jump!  Just can’t get enough of it!



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