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SEC West

Sparty and Friends’ HuskerDawg brings you the rest of the SEC today and finishes the conference off with the SEC West today.

Last year the SEC West was dominated by Alabama, with the Tide going 5-0 against the division.  LSU endured the first rebuilding year under Les Miles and Arkansas, Mississippi State and Auburn struggled mightily throughout the year.  The one surprise in the West was Houston Nutt and Mississippi.

Reverend Nutt was in his first year in Oxford and expectations were in the range of a seven win season.  The Rebels fared much better than that.  Ole Miss went into the Swamp and gave Florida its only loss of the year, finishing at 9-4 with each of their losses being seven points or less.  With their win in the Cotton Bowl over highly ranked Texas Tech as the last thing people remember, they seem to be the chic pick to take on Florida in the SEC title game.  Here is the SEC West preview, in order of projected finish.


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SEC EastWe’ve got a special guest poster today.  Commenter GodsoftheGridiron over at The Big Lead is a college football expert, intern’d for TBL and ran the college football beat last year so we couldn’t think of anyone better than him to run down the best conference in college football for you.  He usually contributes over at Sparty and Friends and writes as HuskerDawg over there.

Last year the SEC emerged from the bowl season as the top conference in college football.  While using bowl games as a barometer for conference superiority is stupid and short-sighted, the SEC was the best conference last year before the bowl games were played, so the point is moot.  With Florida poised to make yet another run at a national title, look for the national media to get on bended-knee and fellate the boys from the South all season long.  Without further adieu, here is your 2009 SEC preview (in order of projected finish).


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ACC Football

We’ve got a new staff writer for you today. younglefty has joined the SC team and is going to be contributing on a regular basis.  He’s a GT Alum fan (too dumb to get in), so feel free to bash him for his homerism.  We kid.  Be prepared for a 360 preview on the ACC.

Hello again, everybody.  The Young Lefthander here to break down the upcoming season of ACC football.  Let’s start by taking a quick look back at last season.

  • Finished third in the final Sagarin conference rankings, after being first for most of the season
  • Nine teams accepted bowl invitations
  • 37-11 Out of conference record
  • 6-4 against the SEC in regular season play
  • Virginia Tech secured BCS win over Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl (more…)

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CollegeFootballSo, we’ve been involved in a discussion over at TBL (that also included commenter bans, NO!) where commenter GodsOftheGridiron has been clamoring for college football posts.  Seeing as how it’s summer and there isn’t anything else going on, we’re going to spearhead the effort.  We want anyone and everyone who is interested in writing a college football preview to let us know.  We’ll mostly be focusing on BCS conferences, but we’ll take all comers.

The season is right around the corner and baseball just can’t fill enough space.  And, it doesn’t even have to be your alma mater (although it would be preferable to make selecting writers easier).  We’re going to do our alma mater, The University of Iowa Hawkeyes.  After that, we’re leaving it up to the readership.

While we’re only just under a month old, we’re ecstatic at the amount of readers we’ve already gathered and it’s gaining day by day.  So, if you’re interested in doing a preview, let us know!  Send us an email, drop it in the comments or yell it from your rooftop.  We like including whoever we can and we’re going to continue to do so.  We’ll put together a uniform format just as a guideline later on for everyone.

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