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2009 MLB All Star GameWe’ve always disliked the fact that the fans get to vote in the starters for the All-Star game.  And by always, we mean since 2003 when it started counting for something because Bud Selig is an asshat.  This year, there’s much more of the same.  Too many Red Sox.  Too many Yankees (and we like the Yankees).  And, the guys that got in that have no business being there.  Usually you lead with the good, but we’re going to crap on the fans who voted these losers in first:

Josh Hamilton – Great story.  Good guy.  But he got his due last year when he was crushing the ball out of the park at an amazing rate.  He’s coming off an injury and we think the Rangers would love for him to have an extra 3 days off when coming back.  He’s on our fantasy team and we’ve tried to trade him twice already this year.  .240/6/24.  If that was his April stat line, we’d be disappointed.



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